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  1. Very Sick Dog With Upset Stomach from Antibiotics

    Holistic Alternatives and Remedies
    My dog is very sick with nausea, indigestion, anorexia, vomiting, and diarrhea from antibiotics, prednisone (we are discontinuing), and Anaplasmosis Phagocytophilum (a tick fever). I tried Phytomucil for Barnum's upset tummy and he rejected it. Phytomucil contains slippery elm and marshmallow...
  2. Barnum Probably Not Allergic to Chicken

    Dog Health Issues and Question
    I posted to the raw feeding discussion about our dog's sudden vomiting of chicken. We soon discovered something more deadly was lurking within our young dog. After a month long serious illness and not knowing what Barnum had, we got a diagnosis of Anaplasmosis Phagocytophilum, a tick borne...