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  1. Hi Everyone!

    Introduce yourself
    I've come to this forum to learn and to help others learn more about really good dog food. Through the years I've fed everything from floating catfish food to homemade food. I've been feeding homemade food for almost a year but I'm beginning to investigate holistic/organic foods. My first...
  2. Free Ticket to Natural Canine Health Symposium

    Raw Feeding
    I thought that a few people on this site may be interested in wining a ticket to the Natural Canine Heal Symposium (Natural Canine Health Symposium). It is a four day online event that is hosted by Dogs Naturally Magazine. The speakers are all raw feeders and holistic veterinarians. Steve's Real...
  3. Vets Choice Dog Food

    Dog Food Reviews
    Vets Choice dog food prides itself on producing a pet food that customers feel great feeding their dogs and retailers feel great about selling in their stores. Its holistic Health Extension line of products contains ingredients such as fish oil, primrose oil, glucosamine, chondroitin...
  4. How do you feel about a new healthy dog food on the market?

    Raw Feeding
    Do you have a picky dog? Do you want your loyal companion to live a long healthy, happy life? I certainly don't want my dog eating something that wouldn't be healthy to me. I am in the process of making a true organic dog food, which seems to be hard to find. I will target all types of our...