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  1. Dog Food Reviews
    This is one of the top 10 worst ingredient lists we have ever seen. We could not find one decent ingredient in this dog food . BHA is banned in human food and menadione sodium bisulfite complex is very bad for dogs. Four of the first 5 ingredients are known to have caused major physical issues...
  2. General Dog Discussion
    Orijen Regional Red Orijen Dog Food is made and manufactured by, Champion Pet Food. If you prefer a high protein, grain free dog food, Orijen should be a top choice. This type of food is good for very active working breed dogs. Orijen Regional Red Dog Food Review Orijen Regional Red Dog Food...
  3. General Dog Discussion
    Anything in excess is bad. Too much protein can effect kidney failure, one research shows. Does the same scary finding hold true on the food you’re giving your dog? Is a high-protein diet softly killing your best friend? Before you hit the panic button, do understand that the research...
1-3 of 3 Results