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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello Everyone, I'm Jeanne and I'm so excited to be part of this forum, to learn and also share my experiences from our dogs. We have 2 healthy dogs in our family. I want them to be on a healthy diet, but I'm not sure what food should we give them, for them to live longer. I really want to...
  2. Raw Feeding
    I am trying to be honest on the frontside. I have worked for over 25 years on animal nutrition and have some entrenched ideas about what is best for dogs and cats. I am now the CEO of a company that formulates healthy dog food supplements and am asking for your help. I want to formulate a...
  3. Dog Food Recipes
    I was wondering if anyone had a good healthy recipe to make a doggy birthday cake? Peanut will be turning 2 years old next month and I would like to make him a cake however I do not know where to start. I would like it to be healthy as possible. He is on Orijen for his food so I would like to...
1-3 of 3 Results