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  1. Hi from New member

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi I thought I would introduce myself. I live in the UK with my 2 lovely girls Dolly and Polly. They bring me so much joy and happiness and I learn from them every day and keep restoring my desire to keep plodding on with life (I suffer from depression and anxiety due to auto immune...
  2. Anemia

    Dog Health Issues and Question
    My dog, Jasper, is a bichon frise and is anemic due to a puncture wound while "rough housing" with my daughters' dogs. :frown: I have been advised to give him raw liver, but he will not eat it raw. He has eaten it cooked, but I was told the nutritional value is greatly diminished once cooked...
  3. Something is wrong - Lethargic Cat - Not Eating

    All Other Pets
    My 5 year old male cat was fine yesterday morning. However something must have taken effect overnight. This morning he is completely lethargic. He won't get up from his spot and keeps sleeping. He seems almost lifeless and barely responsive. I would set him on his feet to have a feel of his ribs...
  4. Teeth Grinding?

    All Other Pets
    Yet another question I will be directing to my vet with our next visit. Until then, I wouldn't mind some feedback. I've noticed my cat grinds his teeth sometimes. I'm still observing and seeing why and how often he does this, but so far it seems he does this whenever he eats or whenever I brush...
  5. Adult Growth On Raw???`

    Raw Feeding
    This may sound very strange, but I'm 100% sure that one of my adult dogs has grown slightly in the month or so I've been doing raw. He's a rescued Beagle that a friend and myself were responsible for getting his dam out of a very bad situation. She was visibly malnourished and whelped her pups...
  6. Senior diet dog food?

    Dry and Canned Dog Food
    I have an 11 year old Doberman. She is spayed and basically healthy. She has a tendancy to be on the heavy side and especially as she's aged and become less active. I know it's important to keep her on a diet designed for seniors but I'm having a hard time finding something that also is...