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  1. Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain Canine Formula

    Dog Food Reviews
    The protein level is much lower in this dog food than the rest of their formulas. We would like to see canola oil replaced, not that it is bad, but because there are better oils for dogs. We do not like seeing potato protein or salt this high on the ingredient list. But overall this is very...
  2. Pure Vita Duck and Oatmeal

    Dog Food Reviews
    We are puzzled why potato protein and natural vegan flavors are this high on the ingredient list for this dog food . Good protein mostly comes from a meat source. If you are going to add a artificial flavor, why not have it be a duck flavor.  Tomato pomace is a filler, but it does serve a...
  3. Pure Vita Chicken and Brown Rice

    Dog Food Reviews
    This is a good dog food and the grains in it are of the highest quality. We see no nasty ingredients and salt is the only ingredient that we would like to see removed. Tomato pomace is a  filler, but it does serve a purpose with high fiber. Overall this is a decent food for dogs. Pure Vita...
  4. Pure Vita Salmon and Potato

    Dog Food Reviews
    If your dog likes salmon this dog food could be for you. It looks to be grain light and we see no nasty ingredients. We are confused about the use of potato protein and natural vegan flavors. We like seeing Oatmeal replacing grains. Tomato pomace is a filler, but it does serve a purpose with...
  5. Precise Holistic Complete Wild at Heart Flight Line Formula

    General Dog Discussion
    This product might not have as much meat as some of their Holistic formulas, but this is still a good dog food . They use mostly quality ingredients. We recommend this food but we do not like seeing salt, Citrus Fiber or Fat Product. Precise Holistic Complete Wild at Heart Flight Line Formula...
  6. Precise Holistic Complete Large & Giant Breed Adult

    General Dog Discussion
    With 2 of the first 4 ingredients before the fat being meat and the 2 following the fat being meat, this dog food has a high percentage of meat in it. This food contains top quality ingredients and you can have a lot of confidence in this product, if this is what you are feeding. This is one...
  7. Merrick Wilderness Blend Dog Food

    General Dog Discussion
    Merrick wilderness blend Dog Food The dogs like this Merrick wilderness blend dog food, its tasty (I haven't tasted it), easily digestible. Merrick wilderness blend dog food comes in three different sizes: 5lb's,15lbs, and 30lb's. Don't expect to get off easy, this brand of dog food will run...