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  1. Dog Food Reviews
    This is a good dog food and the grains in it are of the highest quality. We see no nasty ingredients and salt is the only ingredient that we would like to see removed. Tomato pomace is a  filler, but it does serve a purpose with high fiber. Overall this is a decent food for dogs. Pure Vita...
  2. Dog Food Reviews
    This is a good dog food that uses some quality ingredients. There is a good mixture of all the food groups. We do not like seeing animal digest and menadione sodium bisulfite complex in any dog food. Tomato pomace is a somewhat of a controversial ingredient and used as a stool hardener. Farm...
  3. Dog Food Reviews
    Taste of the Wild Dog Food Review One of the best ways to show our love for our dogs is by giving them the best diet which can provide sufficient nutrients for growth and maintenance. We believe that Taste of the Wild dog food is one of the best brands of dry food being produced today. Taste...
1-3 of 3 Results