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  1. Flint River Ranch Dog Food

    Dog Food Reviews
    Anyone here tried any of the FRR formulas before?
  2. Flint River Ranch Original Puppy & Adult Kibble Canine Formula

    Dog Food Reviews
    We were surprised to find 3 different kinds of wheat in this dog food . Brewers Dried Yeast is another very poor ingredient in dog food. If these 4 ingredients were not in this food, we would rate this dog food higher. We do not like seeing salt in a dogs diet. Flint River Ranch Original Puppy...
  3. Flint River Ranch Trout & Potato (Fish & Chips) Formula

    Dog Food Reviews
    This is their top of the line dog food . It is heavy on grains but contains higher quality grains. This is the only dog food that we know of that contains trout as its first ingredient. Trout would lose at least 30% of its weight when processed leaving potato as the real first ingredient. Flint...