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  1. Dog Food Recipes
    Is there anyone searching for healthy dog food and trying to avoid commerical dog food ? i tried this company and it's so good i can't believe it , my best advice is this ! before iv done this my dog was sick but i tried to search for solutions i found this guy speaking to me telling me what...
  2. Raw Feeding
    We have had such a high demand for alpaca meat here in Texas "Show Dogs, Domestic Animals ect". We have decided to help all. If you are interested alpaca meat for your animals please shoot over an email. We can ship to your door step."Ready to Eat" We are not here to advertise but, we want to...
  3. Dry and Canned Dog Food
    Hi I am new here and really hoping someone could help. I have 4 dogs varying sizes...a corgi/dachsund 14...lab/pit 3 and a husky/shepherd 12. Needless to say feeding gets expensive. My lab is very very picky with food and the only type I have found that she will eat...
1-3 of 3 Results