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  1. Therapy dog training ohio

    Dry and Canned Dog Food
    Service animal identification is specially trained to do chores that will suit certain necessities of the folks who require their help. Bear in it’s a life-long, ongoing course of action. Management, particularly in the mortgage business is not simple, due to a lot of aspects.
  2. What’s the most effective dog food?

    General Dog Discussion
    The answer thereto question depends on what quite food you’re searching for. Do you like a dry kibble? Or a canned dog food? Are you feeding a replacement puppy? Or Associate in the Nursing adult? Thinking about going grain-free? With thousands of economic merchandise on the U.S. and...
  3. Greetings From a Newbie

    Introduce yourself
    Hello Everyone, I'm Jeanne and I'm so excited to be part of this forum, to learn and also share my experiences from our dogs. We have 2 healthy dogs in our family. I want them to be on a healthy diet, but I'm not sure what food should we give them, for them to live longer. I really want to...
  4. Hi Guys,

    Introduce yourself
    Hello Guys, I hope you are doing great. I am new on this forum.
  5. My Healthy And Obedient GSD

    Introduce yourself
    I am a small business man from India, run an export import business between india and US. I am also fond of pets and own a 7 year old GSD who is well trained, obedient and also a great companion at the same time. Known for their intelligence, he understands commands in two different languages...
  6. Pre mixed dog food

    Dry and Canned Dog Food
    Hello, just wondering if I could get some general advice on how much people spend on average a week on pet food. Thinking of getting a dog but want to make sure I'm realistic in how much they cost first. Thanks
  7. help on raw for dog w/ yeast infection

    Raw Feeding
    Hi all, I have an 11 year old Maltipoo (Friday) who’s been battling Yeast infection for 3 years. I got tired of going to the vet having the same treatment over and over (they just prescribe her some medicine,Royal Canin sensitivity and medicated soap and shampoo) without any good results, she’s...
  8. HELP! Dog swallowed Burr --- been to vet. Need advice

    Dog Health Issues and Question
    HI all --- New here but looking for some help with my dog. My 13 pound shihpoo swalled a burr (small and wet) on Sunday. He immediately started gasping for air, choking, trying to eat things etc. He threw up a few times, gagged , and then seemed better. I fed him some bread, canned food...
  9. White House K-9 Officers: The President’s First Line of Defense

    Dog Training
    The US Secret Service has been tasked with the vital duty of protecting the US President, his immediate family and the White House. But, lately, we’ve been reading news about the White House perimeters being pursued and infiltrated by curious and militant fence jumpers in an attempt to have a...
  10. Cadaver Dogs: The Sherlock Bones of the K-9 Police

    Dog Training
    Their powerful sense of smell. One of the dog’s natural trait is its astounding sense of smell. In fact, a dog’s sense of smell is 100 times accurate and stronger than any human. Thus, there is a particular classification of working dogs whose noses and their keen sense of smell have been...
  11. Memoirs of a Beloved Furry Friend

    General Dog Discussion
    Chubby was not just a dog. To Maria, a 23 year old photographer in Cleveland, Chubby was more than half of her life. But some things does not really last forever. Even life itself. For Maria it was a difficult decision to make. Over the years, Chubby has gone ill and her health deteriorated due...
  12. Doga: Achieving Harmonic Partnership Between Human and Canine

    Dog Health Issues and Question
    Yoga + Dog = Doga Doga is a form of yoga that allow you to practice yoga with your dog doing acts of meditation, gentle massage and relaxing stretches. The activity has proven significant benefits both on people and with their canine pets. Below are the list of some of its beneficial values...
  13. Saving Excalibur!

    General Dog Discussion
    Mom got infected for her dedication to care for the sick. Teresa Romero Ramos, 44 a nurse from Spain was the first person who was diagnosed with the deadly Ebola virus outside West Africa. She got the virus from the Spanish missionaries Manuel Garcia Viejo and Miguel Pajares, both came from...
  14. Help, My Dog Can’t Hear!

    General Dog Discussion
    A silent disability. Deafness in dogs can generally be accounted due to genetic defects (congenital) or it can also be acquired due to trauma, accident, disease or old age. It can either be partial or complete hearing loss which could affect a single or both ears of the dog. Although breed is...
  15. Lazarus: The Dog Who Comes Back to Life!

    General Dog Discussion
    An amazing battle with death. The dog came to the shelter last August 19, with cut and bloody after his owner dropped him off after surviving a car accident as told by Capt. Bobby Blankenship, the city shelter supervisor . Even the Vet wonders how did he survived the accident. The shelter tried...
  16. Felicity, the Puppy Cruelly Branded with Profanity

    General Dog Discussion
    CAUTION-Profanity in still images. Felicity, a 7-month old pit bull mix was a victim of a strange animal cruelty. She was taken in last month when the Lexington Humane Society found her tied to a fence on Campbell Street in Lexington, Kentucky with a profane word branded unto her body that...
  17. Essentials on Shaving Pets During Summer

    Dog Health Issues and Question
    The heat is on! And people are exploring ways to cool and somehow reduce the heat around. Most will head off to the beach to cool down, others would strip off into less clothes and body coverings and enjoyed showing off their skin for a tone. While some enjoy trimming off hair on their heads...
  18. 25% save from Dog Training Collar

    Dog Training
    Hi, Our Dog Training collars are made of two components that are primarily used in training collar systems. These two components include: ● The remote that you will use to deliver the shock / Vibration when you see your dog misbehaving. ● The second component is the collar that is worn around...
  19. Help! Pup will not stop vomiting :(

    Dog Health Issues and Question
    Hi! I am new to this board. I am trying to get some help. We have had our Chewy since December of last year. We got him at eight weeks. He is a Pekingese/Chihuahua/Cocker Spaniel mix (we did a DNA test!) So he’s not quite a year old yet, but later in the fall he will be. The first month or two...
  20. Pinterest Board with Some Neat Products...

    The Market Place
    I have boards on pinterest with dog related pictures and videos. One of my boards has to do with products. Only a few items in it so far, but I'm open to including any that are novel and/or not seen a lot of other places. Come look just for giggles, to get idea, or pitch a product to me :)...