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  1. Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats Recipe

    General Dog Discussion
    The dog days of summer are upon us and our FBB (furry best friends) are looking for delicious ways to cool down. We’ve got the perfect solution – this Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats Recipe! Not only were they super easy to make, Oscar was panting for these yummy treats. Now we have one after every...
  2. GrandMoe’s Woof-Tacular Dog Treats Recipe

    General Dog Discussion
    Oscar loves his GrandMoe (That’s my Mum, Maureen or Moe for short). And I think he loves her so much because she spoils him. One of the many ways she spoils him is by making him a batch of her special Woof-Tacular Dog Treats. These are his favorite. I break them up and put them in a puzzle ball...
  3. Easy-Peasy Peanut Butter Dog Treats Recipe

    General Dog Discussion
    Dogs flip out for peanut butter. What’s not to love – it’s tasty, it sticks to the roof of your mouth and it’s full of om nom nom goodness. If you’re like me, you don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen, but you want to bake your pooch up some yummy treats he’d learn a new trick for. When...
  4. 100% American, USDA Inspected, Human Grade, Whole Meat Treats

    The Market Place
    For anyone here who has been following the news like I have, you're probably at least a little concerned about pet treats coming from China contaminated with God-knows-what. If so, take a second to check <a href="">Dog Gone Jerky</a> from the American Pet Food Company...
  5. Dog Treats!

    Dry and Canned Dog Food
    If you had to pick 1 bag/box of dog treats (thats not a raw treat) to feed your dog, which brand would it be?