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  1. HI

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    I'm new to the forum. How is all of you doing...
  2. importance of dog food

    Dog Food Ingredients
    Please give a rating of Nestle - Purina dog food out of 10
  3. alternatives to hill's digestive care i/d

    Dry and Canned Dog Food
    hey hey, I just had a customer come in looking for an alternative to hill's digestive care I/d (turkey) can. I'm aware that the prescription foods and perhaps hill's in particular are generally overpriced and of low quality, but this can has been helping her dog quite a bit (the dog, an 11 pound...
  4. What’s the most effective dog food?

    General Dog Discussion
    The answer thereto question depends on what quite food you’re searching for. Do you like a dry kibble? Or a canned dog food? Are you feeding a replacement puppy? Or Associate in the Nursing adult? Thinking about going grain-free? With thousands of economic merchandise on the U.S. and...
  5. More on the "No-STINK" Dog Food

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi Everyone! I wanted to comment a little more on the No STINK dog food I wrote about last week – aka VeRus Pet Foods’ Life Advantage formula. I have two dogs: a Golden Retriever, named Emma, and a rescue mutt, name Nina. Emma has never been a picky eater. She is happy with whatever we give...
  6. Hi Everyone!

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    I've come to this forum to learn and to help others learn more about really good dog food. Through the years I've fed everything from floating catfish food to homemade food. I've been feeding homemade food for almost a year but I'm beginning to investigate holistic/organic foods. My first...
  7. How to select the best food for your dog?

    General Dog Discussion
    There are many issues related to dog's health when it comes to food. As a responsible and caring pet owner, we always try to provide our pet with the best of the resources for the healthiest life style, but still the only thing that is foreign and different here is the behavior of dogs related...
  8. Not sure what to switch to

    Dry and Canned Dog Food
    So I'm new to this forum (very new actually heh), but I need some help I'm trying to switch one of my dogs to a new higher quality brand. I've done lots of research but I can't settle on which one's the best. I've limited it to a few brands; - Earthborn - Fromm - Taste of the Wild - I know a...
  9. I Am New Here!

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    Hi Folks, Mabel is here. I am Pet lover having three Dogs and one cat namely sam, oscar, tigher and baby. I would like to share my pet caring experience with you and also like hear from all of you. Nice to meet you!
  10. Doggiefood.Com

    The Market Place
    There was a problem with my order on three orders in a row, so I decided to switch it up. Last week I ordered from DoggieFood.Com and honestly I am so happy about my decision. They didn't ask me to write this nor is this an ad. I was just so happy with the service and prices that I...
  11. Do You Know What Could Be in Your Dog Food?

    Dog Food Ingredients
    If you're not serving homemade food to your pets, you should make darn sure your commercial pet food has a decent reputation and do a bit of due diligence on the company. Things that don't belong anywhere near food might be in what these companies peddle as "food". If you're interested in...
  12. What's a good dog food?

    Dog Food Ingredients
    I heard that some dog foods put euthanized dogs and cats and zoo animals in their food, and I wanted to know if there is a food that doesn't do that because it is bad for your dog. I also heard that the chemical used to euthanize the animal doesn't go away and gets mixed into the food. help?
  13. Dog food

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    Hello everyone, I have joined this forum to learn more about what to feed my golden retriever. I have a 4yr. Old and a 10 week old. Have been using 4health and I am not sure I want to start the puppy on that. What is the best dog food?
  14. Acana Grasslands vs Ranchlands for Boston Terrier?

    Dog Food Recipes
    I have a female boston terrier she 6 months old. The purina beneful puppy growth formulas she has been eating gave her an allergic reaction. I have been researching dry dog foods and found this is a very good brand. I juat can't decide which of the two to pick? They are both grain, soy, and corn...
  15. Thoughts on this food?

    Dry and Canned Dog Food
    Hey guys, just wondering your thoughts on the food I am currently feeding my dog. He's doing very well on it, I just have limited knowledge of food and would like an opinion. In my (non expert!) opinion it appears to be a high quality food. He's a nearly 2 y/o Choc lab/Pittie mix, 62lbs...
  16. Hello Everyone.....

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    Hi, I am very new in this community and i have just started my website "jaipurhunt". The concept of this website is Pet food. I researched so many websites and choose some good products and now i want to sell them. Hope from this community I will get good response. Waiting for your support...
  17. Looking for a good senior dog food.

    Dry and Canned Dog Food
    Hello everyone! I haven't posted in a while but my grandma's dog needs help! Despite me telling my grandma hundreds of times not to feed Beneful, she still does because "the vet said it is ok" and because of convenience. She has allowed me to go and find a food myself though which I am excited...
  18. Greetings from Seattle

    Introduce yourself
    I'm Atticus' mama - a 55 lb 10 month old american staffordshire terrier. He is currently my companion and is in training to become a therapy dog (hopefully - keeping fingers crossed). He likes chasing deflated soccer balls, playing with other dogs at the dog park, and lazing about at my feet...
  19. Canidae All Life Stages?

    Dry and Canned Dog Food
    I have a 8 week old Bichon Frise *Sky* and was wanting opinions about Canidae All Life Stages...has anyone tried this brand of pet food yet? :confused:
  20. Timberwolf Organics dog food?

    Dry and Canned Dog Food
    Hey guys! I'm considering purchasing "Timberwolf Organics" dog food but haven't heard much about it. The ingredients look yummy :D nd it seems like a good quality food. Anyone have any experience feeding it, or have any opinions on it? If it means anything, I have a 1 year old 70lb lab/pit mix...