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  1. Ann Jacob

    Introduce yourself
    hey Am ann was born in Western North Carolina, but spent 10 years living in other parts of the US (always mountains!). I got interested in companion animal nutrition while living in Boulder, CO, when my childhood cat, Tiger, was diagnosed with kidney disease. With a good diet, Tiger lived to...
  2. Doggiefood.Com

    The Market Place
    There was a problem with my order on three orders in a row, so I decided to switch it up. Last week I ordered from DoggieFood.Com and honestly I am so happy about my decision. They didn't ask me to write this nor is this an ad. I was just so happy with the service and prices that I...
  3. I and Love and You

    Dog Food Reviews
    I and Love and You Dog Food Review Founded in 2012, Colorado-based I and Love and You might be a newcomer on the dog food market, but it seems to be on the right tracks. All the brand's foods are made using made with top quality ingredients that are sourced from within the United States...
  4. Welcome to

    General Dog Discussion
    Welcome to I would firstly like to thank you for taking the time to research your dogs food. Our team is here to help you separate the harmful dog foods from the healthy dog foods. We have spent hours upon hours researching ingredients, companies and chemicals to provide you...