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  1. Dog Food Ingredients
    I'm curious now! Corn, wheat, and soy are supposed to be bad, and also the fact that only the first ingredient is meat. But why is corn, wheat, and soy bad if your dog is not allergic? I figure there must be more to why we avoid those three ingredients than the possibility that our dogs might be...
  2. Dry and Canned Dog Food
    So I know there's a grain free or raw mentality towards dog food now, it's all over the internet and I've even seen a good number of advertisements on television. All of this raises a few questions in my mind. Is this claim that grain free is the only way to go based on legitimate research or is...
  3. Dry and Canned Dog Food
    So here it goes, I'm going to speak out and advocate for Science Diet, even though I KNOW it's not what you're going to want to hear... I must start by saying that I do not work for Science Diet in any capacity, nor do I feed it to my dog. Personally, I think SciDi gets a bad rap from websites...
1-3 of 3 Results