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  1. Dog Pictures
    Hi, I'm new around here, so I'd like to apologize beforehand if I've mistakenly started this up in the wrong section of the forum. I've been doing some reading about Great Dane coat types and their relation to genetics during breeding. You can take a breath now - No, I'm not going to get into...
  2. Dog Pictures
    Okay, so today my aunt sent me some gifts for Bonnie! She got her a toy (stuffed AND squeaky- her favoritest things!) and a knit coat to help with the weather. Figured I'd post some pictures of her enjoying her presents! Here's her with her toy! Swinging it around, wheee! She looks kinda...
  3. Dog Food Ingredients
    My vet gave me a tub of this powder supplement recently, for my dog's skin and coat, and to treat his itchiness. He says he uses a scoop of it on his dogs' food each meal and likes the results. I haven't started using it yet and was wondering if anyone had any experience with it or opinions on...
1-3 of 3 Results