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  1. FREE Raw Dog Food to Good Home

    Raw Feeding
    We were raw-feeding our German Shepherd before a tragic accident in which we lost him. We have the following in out freezer and need it cleared out. We live in Elburn, IL United States. If you can come pick it up and use it, it's yours for free. Large Beef Neck, lots of chicken hearts...
  2. New to raw diet, need advice/support

    Raw Feeding
    Hi everybody, I switched to raw about three weeks ago because my 4 mo puppy was having diarrhea on kibble--even the bland stuff the vet gave us! A couple I met at the dog park told me about switching their 4 dogs to raw and the amazing benefits they saw, and I was sold! I cold-turkey switched...
  3. help on raw for dog w/ yeast infection

    Raw Feeding
    Hi all, I have an 11 year old Maltipoo (Friday) who’s been battling Yeast infection for 3 years. I got tired of going to the vet having the same treatment over and over (they just prescribe her some medicine,Royal Canin sensitivity and medicated soap and shampoo) without any good results, she’s...
  4. Whole chicken carcuss

    Raw Feeding
    I have a German shepherd He's 4 months old now and I have been feeding him chicken carcasses they seem to have everything included but head and feet. Has organs included. Is this a good food source?? I'm getting a little concerned now because everything was great when we started but now he's...
  5. Thoughts on this food?

    Dry and Canned Dog Food
    Hey guys, just wondering your thoughts on the food I am currently feeding my dog. He's doing very well on it, I just have limited knowledge of food and would like an opinion. In my (non expert!) opinion it appears to be a high quality food. He's a nearly 2 y/o Choc lab/Pittie mix, 62lbs...
  6. Beware of Chicken?

    Raw Feeding
    Okay, so for some reason whenever I mention raw to family or friends, people see raw chicken meat like the plague. Why is that? Vets especially, argue chicken bones are dangerous and will choke your pet. My mom constantly freaks that chicken his the highest form of salmonella and I should...
  7. I have one complaint!

    Raw Feeding
    So today I went to the local butchers and got some "soup bones" - no idea what they are, but it's chicken. Possibly some necks, backs, breasts. I found one of the bonier bits and pulled off some of the fat.... and dropped it in Pipers bowl. No idea what it weighed of what % of her daily diet...
  8. Feeding chicken frames...?

    Raw Feeding
    I have never fed my dog a chicken frame but imagine she would consume the entire thing. I have tried her with necks and she swallows them whole :shocked:. Would anyone care to please post a video of their dog working on a chicken frame?!?...I am very curious how they treat them! Is it a...
  9. Chicken Necks

    Raw Feeding
    Hey guys. Got some chicken backs from a new place last night. Didn't realize until I got them home that they also had the necks. I know we can feed turkey necks, and I can't see any real difference, but wanted to check anyway. Are the necks ok to feed to Chloe? Thanks as always.
  10. Chloe loves her chicken!!! Questions about other foods.

    Raw Feeding
    Finally made the switch over to raw. My 16lb boston Chloe loves the idea. She is doing great with the chicken backs, cut to a reasonable size for her of course. The transisition (knock on wood) is going great too. She is more than willing to participate and has not had the first runny stool...
  11. my dog is allergic to Chicken?

    Raw Feeding
    First off, I've been feeding my dog raw food for about a month now. my dog has always had a skin disease. I brought my dog to the vet, they gave me medicine, and also send it could be he is allergic to the protein in common meats ex.: Chicken, Beef, Lamb. so they suggested buying a dog food...