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  1. Where can I find Revolution for dogs/Cats that ships to Canada?

    Dog Health Issues and Question
    Hello! I hope I'm posting this on the right thread but I need some help. I need to find out where I can get a hold of the Revolution (anti heartworms, fleas, and ear mites medication), specifically for cats. Currently the vet is offering it for double it's natural price. I found some sites...
  2. Something is wrong - Lethargic Cat - Not Eating

    All Other Pets
    My 5 year old male cat was fine yesterday morning. However something must have taken effect overnight. This morning he is completely lethargic. He won't get up from his spot and keeps sleeping. He seems almost lifeless and barely responsive. I would set him on his feet to have a feel of his ribs...
  3. Trying to Weaning my cat off kibble and feed less

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    Trying to Wean my cat off kibble and feed less I'm trying to have my cat eat more canned food in his diet instead of kibble. He's had some hairball troubles and in the past has experienced a UTI/kidney stones once. In general I'm hoping to feed him only canned food and use kibbles as training...
  4. Teeth Grinding?

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    Yet another question I will be directing to my vet with our next visit. Until then, I wouldn't mind some feedback. I've noticed my cat grinds his teeth sometimes. I'm still observing and seeing why and how often he does this, but so far it seems he does this whenever he eats or whenever I brush...
  5. Dental help! DentaSure Oral Care Spray good for pets?

    All Other Pets
    Here is information about the product I'm considering: Dog Dental, Cat Dental, Dog Bad Breath, Gingivitis. Official DentaSure Website. Ingredients: Purified water, Grapefruit extract, grape seed extract, propolis extract, stevia I've been looking up each ingredient and it seems most of them...