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  1. Did I cause further harm to my dog with raw food?

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    I've had dogs for years and fed them commercial dry dog food and had no real health issues with them. A few years ago we took in an older beagle, we think she's about 10 years old. She had apparently been neglected a bit by the veterinarian who was keeping her in his barn. Her teeth were...
  2. Free Ticket to Natural Canine Health Symposium

    Raw Feeding
    I thought that a few people on this site may be interested in wining a ticket to the Natural Canine Heal Symposium (Natural Canine Health Symposium). It is a four day online event that is hosted by Dogs Naturally Magazine. The speakers are all raw feeders and holistic veterinarians. Steve's Real...
  3. Hi from KY

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    *waves* Hello everyone :) I'm a dog mom of 2 french bulldogs, 2 english mastiffs, and evidently a husky that recently showed up and thinks he lives here now too. I had 4 mastiffs but within the last few months have lost two in cancer battles (both to bone cancers, they were unrelated) and have...