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  1. Switching 4 month old Boston Terrier to raw, guidence needed

    Raw Feeding
    Hello my name is James this is my first post here but I have been doing a lot of reading here on the forums. I've been doing a lot of research on raw feeding since ever since I first read about it a month or so ago. We are coming to the end of our bag of taste of the wild kibble and want to...
  2. Success!

    Raw Feeding
    We have been feeding Chloe raw now for quite some time. She is doing great. It has been pretty interesting to watch the changes in her. Everything from health, behavior, bathroom accidents, and of course poop has improved. Chloe of course is our boston. She "like many bostons" had a form of...
  3. Chloe and her poop.

    Raw Feeding
    Everything is still going great with the raw feeding. Chloe can't wait to eat. This morning and last night, however, I noticed that her poop was thin and small. Kind of like she may be a little constipated. Texturally it appeared to be normal. Is this a normal part of the change in diet? Or is...
  4. Chloe loves her chicken!!! Questions about other foods.

    Raw Feeding
    Finally made the switch over to raw. My 16lb boston Chloe loves the idea. She is doing great with the chicken backs, cut to a reasonable size for her of course. The transisition (knock on wood) is going great too. She is more than willing to participate and has not had the first runny stool...
  5. New puppy owner wanting to start raw feeding.

    Raw Feeding
    I know that this is a typical, often covered topic, but i'm new. As you may know we just got a new puppy, Chloe. I really get the feeling that the best food approach is a natural raw prey method. Chloe is a 5 month old boston terrier. I've read "Raw Feeding 101" by Bill Carnes, as well as...
  6. New Dog Owner

    Introduce yourself
    Hey guys. Im about as green as a dog owner can come. I have bred and raised reptiles most of my life. I live with my girlfriend, Jewell, and our new baby girl Chloe. Chloe is a boston terrier. She is 5 months old. We live in a rural area in west coast central Florida, so Chloe has lots of...