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  1. New to Raw-Bone Question-Confused

    Raw Feeding
    I just started feeding my six month old puppy a raw diet, and I'm unsure as to whether or not I'm giving her enough bone. My understanding is that the diet should contain 10-15% bone, but is that 10-15% actual bone or 10-15% meaty bones like chicken/turkey necks, chicken backs, and other...
  2. Beware of Chicken?

    Raw Feeding
    Okay, so for some reason whenever I mention raw to family or friends, people see raw chicken meat like the plague. Why is that? Vets especially, argue chicken bones are dangerous and will choke your pet. My mom constantly freaks that chicken his the highest form of salmonella and I should...
  3. Raw Feeding Safetey?

    Raw Feeding
    What are the basic rules of storing raw meat, preparation and clean up? I'm going to assume I'd have to at least rinse the meat and drain whatever blood may be left? Do you let your meat thaw if it's been frozen for some time? Basically, is there anything dangerous I can do with raw feeding...
  4. Guarding of bones and carcasses, but not other raw food - how to manage?!

    Raw Feeding
    Hi Our 5 month old still guards food fed to her on the bone, but not any other kind of food. She is the most cheery, universally friendly, cuddly pup, right up until then. Later, once the bone is partial clean, she stops guarding. When I give her raw meat and mixed goodies in her bowl -...
  5. Best Bones to clean back teeth?

    Raw Feeding
    Suzie my 4 year old Westie was just at the vet for her annual exam, and the vet showed me how bad her back molars were. Lots of gunk on the outer surfaces which he warned me would lead to rotten teeth in a few years. He wanted to do a dental cleaning, but I am reluctant. Suzie started on raw...
  6. Chihuahua advice, here's what she gets now:

    Raw Feeding
    Hi, Our 8 mo. 5lb. Chihuahua "Luna" has been getting 1/4 cup of cooked boneless chicken,white rice,and either green beans or peas twice a day for about 3 months or so now. I make each 1/4cup then freeze them on a cookie sheet/wax paper. The "ratio" is about 40-50% meat, then equal parts of the...
  7. Is there a calcium/phosphorous imbalance in RAW?

    Raw Feeding
    Hi everybody, Is it true that bones in RAW diet contain too much Phosphorous? I feed one raw egg including the shell (I believe that the shell is high on calcium compared to prosperous) to go along with about 3-4 lbs of raw meat (it contains bones as well). I am under the impression that bones...
  8. Feeding Raw Bones

    Raw Feeding
    I have been feeding Simon raw bones but each time I do, the next day his stool is very dry and he whines and runs to chase his butt. Has anyone else had these problems? Any suggestions? I have been raising Dals for many years and this is the first rescue that I have had. We noticed that he...