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  1. Dog Health Issues and Question
    Hi Everyone. A few weeks back my dog started vomiting blood. An overnight vet stay and $3000+ later he was found to have hemorrhagic gastroenteritis due to food sensitivity. As a puppy he was eating Science Hills Puppy dry kibble, but at 1y.o. (when his metabolism slowed) he was becoming fat...
  2. Raw Feeding
    Hi everybody, I switched to raw about three weeks ago because my 4 mo puppy was having diarrhea on kibble--even the bland stuff the vet gave us! A couple I met at the dog park told me about switching their 4 dogs to raw and the amazing benefits they saw, and I was sold! I cold-turkey switched...
  3. Dog Health Issues and Question
    I just got my bulldog's allergy report back. It states that he is highly allergic to potatoes, peas, and salmon. Does anyone have any recommendations for a dog food without these 3 ingredients? I've been searching, but haven't found anything. (Before we found out what he was allergic to, we...
  4. Dog Food Ingredients
    Hello! I'm so happy to have found this forum! My 9 year old Brittney Spaniel has had itching issues for many, many years. We've tried countless foods and allergy medications to help alleviate his itching, which occurs most severely in the rectal area. We don't feed him table scraps and have...
  5. Raw Feeding
    I hope someone can help us. We've been feeding our black lab mutt raw food for about 4 months now. And about every other month she breaks out and we are back to the vet to get her allergy pills and cream for her red ears. We found a butcher that saves us scraps and sells them to us at $0.40...
  6. Raw Feeding
    Introduced pork few days ago, everything went well. But the same day scratching started. (She was scratching while on kibble and stopped on raw). Could it be that Queen is allergic to pork meat? Should I make a pause for few days and try a new protein?
  7. Dog Health Issues and Question
    Hello! I have a 4 months old Coton de Tulear and since I got her home from the kennel, she is itching A LOT ! She itchs mostly the head region! but itchs all the body as well... and bites around the tail, as she was getting a flea, but she never had fleas! The vet says it is allergy, of course...
1-7 of 7 Results