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  1. Puppy itching and itching

    Dog Health Issues and Question
    Hello! I have a 4 months old Coton de Tulear and since I got her home from the kennel, she is itching A LOT ! She itchs mostly the head region! but itchs all the body as well... and bites around the tail, as she was getting a flea, but she never had fleas! The vet says it is allergy, of course...
  2. my dog is allergic to Chicken?

    Raw Feeding
    First off, I've been feeding my dog raw food for about a month now. my dog has always had a skin disease. I brought my dog to the vet, they gave me medicine, and also send it could be he is allergic to the protein in common meats ex.: Chicken, Beef, Lamb. so they suggested buying a dog food...