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  1. 4Health Salmon and Potato Adult Formula Dog Food

    Dog Food Reviews
    Specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of adult dogs, this 4Health Salmon and Potato Formula dry food is rich in animal protein and digestible carbohydrates. This formula contains 25% crude protein with 14% crude fat, making it an excellent recipe to help your dog maintain lean...
  2. Seeking reccomendations for dog with sensitive stomach

    Dry and Canned Dog Food
    Hi! I'm new, and I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I have a Shepherd/lab mix and she's just over year old now. We've been trying to transition her to an adult food. The problem is she has a sensitive stomach and we're having problems finding a food she can tolerate. A bit of history...
  3. Orijen Regional Red Dog Food - New Formula

    General Dog Discussion
    Normally when we see formula changes in dog food it is for the worst. However, in this case it looks like it is for the better. We believe that Orijen's new line, including the new formula for Regional Red is among the best dog food kibble mass produced today. We have never seen all the first...
  4. Orijen Adult Dog Food - New Formula

    General Dog Discussion
    We believe this is the best dog food kibble mass produced today.  With 80% meat and no grains, it is very hard to argue that it isn’t. We are unaware of any other dog food that starts out with the first 5 ingredients being meat. We also don’t know of any other dog food that has so much...
  5. By Nature Large Breed Adult Dog Formula

    Dog Food Reviews
    This is a grain heavy dog food . If you decide to feed this product we highly recommend you add meat to your dog’s diet. Grain can cause allergies and other issues in some dogs. Because of the high amount of grain in this product we have mixed feelings about recommending this dog food. By...
  6. Castor & Pollux Organix Adult Canine Formula

    Dog Food Reviews
    It is nice to see a lot organic ingredients in a dog food . We also like seeing pumpkin replacing tomato pomace or beet pulp as a stool stiffener, as pumpkin does contain some nutrients. More meat would be nice to see, but overall this is a good dog food and does not contain any nasty...
  7. First Mate Maintenance - Adult

    Dog Food Reviews
    This dog food could use more meat. But it does contain high quality ingredients and the grains are some of the better quality grains. We do recommend this dog food, but we also recommend adding some meat. First Mate Maintenance / Adult Formula Ingredient Analysis Chicken meal Pearled...
  8. Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul Adult Dog Formula

    Dog Food Reviews
    This is a high quality dog food with a lot of meat. But with 5 ingredients before the 1 st fat that are grain, there isn’t as much meat as you might believe. This is a high grade dog food that uses good ingredients. We could find nothing on their website about the use of ethoxyquin in the...
  9. Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul Adult Dog Light

    Dog Food Reviews
    Even though there are 4 named meats in the first 5 ingredients of this dog food , there are also 5 ingredients that are either grain or otherwise before the first fat. This leads us to believe there is not as much meat in this product as you might think. It is a very good dog food made with a...