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Introduction This area is for you to introduce yourself and your pets.

Introduce yourself

New to the community? Please take the time and tell us a little bit about yourself.
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Do you want to show off pictures of your dog? If so, do it here.
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Community Members Websites

This area is for our members to post their website is an description. You will not be able to post to threads in this forum. To help keep this site running there will be a $5 donation to post in the section.
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Dog Nutrition This part of the forum is used for anything related to dog nutrition.

Dry and Canned Dog Food

This part of the forum is for my dry kibble/canned fans.
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Dog Food Ingredients

This part of the forum is used to discuss bad and good dog food ingredients.
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Dog Food Recipes

Do you have a dog food recipe you would like to share? Please do.. Post it here.
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Raw Feeding

Are you feeding your pets raw food? Let us know how its going.
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Dog Discussion This part of the forum is used for you general dog discussion.

Dog Food Reviews

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General Dog Discussion

This part of the forum is used for your general dog topics.
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Dog Training

This part of the forum is used to discuss dog dog training.
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Do you have a rescue story? Do you have rescue questions? If so this is the spot. This is NOT for people trying to find homes for their animals.
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Dog Health Issues and Question

Does your dog have a health problem? Let us know the issue.
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Miscellaneous This part of the forum is used to talk about random non-related dog topics.

The Market Place

A forum for member to sell stuff like t-shirts, magnets, etc. The selling or advertising of Puppies and studs are NOT allowed.
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  • 167K Tech Support

If you have any site-related issues, bugs or concerns you would like to report, please post here.
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All Other Pets

Use this forum to discuss pets that are not dogs!
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General Talk

Have something on your mind? A funny joke? This part of the forum is used for any topic. Keep it clean. ** Must be a current member of the forum.
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Site Help and Suggestions

We are always looking for ways to improve this forum and attract new visitors. Have an idea?
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Vendor Deals

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Raw Pet Food

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